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5 Places to Visit in Mumbai during Monsoons!

5 Places to Visit in Mumbai during Monsoons

The Monsoon’s affair with Mumbai city has always been a special one. After months of hiding from the sun and chasing down every bit of cool shade that possibly exists, us Mumbaikars are blessed with the showers of freedom and solace. The wait is long, but it’s definitely worth the while.

Monsoons sure can be enjoyed indoors reading your favourite book, sipping on coffee. But what’s the point of it all, if you don’t step out there and face the beauty?

Here’s a list of five places in Mumbai that’ll take your breath away in a jiffy.


marine lines

Also known as “The Queens Necklace”, this place holds a piece of every Mumbaikar’s heart. Talk about the city’s skyline covered in mist or the sweet sound of waves splashing against the rocks, it’s always a good time to take a break and head on here to enjoy the rains!


powai lake

Lush green hills spread all across the lake is what makes this place a must-go during the monsoon. If you’re someone to enjoy long walks in the rain with the company of some piping hot chai, you know where to go next the moment it starts to pour.



How about a cup of hot coffee overlooking the stormy Arabian sea? Or a spicy bhutta from one of those roadside stalls in the company of loved ones?

Banstand has always been the prime attraction of the city, sometimes crowded with fans waiting outside celebrity mansions, sometimes just us random people exploring natures dimensions.


worli sea face

Some days you just long for inner peace. Some place where you can  let go of everything for a while and sit back breathing in all the positivity that flows along the waves.

For times like these, there can’t be a better place to be other than the Worli Sea Face. Breezy air, salty hair, what more a person could even ask for?


juhu beach

There are only a few who can embrace the sea for how wild it gets during this time of the year. But then again, it has a beauty of it’s own.

Head on to the beach if you’re up for some crazy water splashing and the joy that it brings along.

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