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8 Genuine Proofs That Lord Hanuman Is Still Alive

Lord Hanuman Is Still Alive

Arguably, if one was to truly look into it, Hinduism is one of the most scientific of all religions. Still, rumours saying that Shri Hanuman might still be amongst the living garners only disbelief and with good reason.

1. According to legend, Lord Hanuman is immortal, well, he asked and was granted the wish to remain on Earth as long as Lord Ram’s tale and name was still heard and read. We know he was born, but there has been no mention of his death.


2. Firstly, one can’t miss this photograph. It is widely speculated that this photograph is indeed of Lord Hanuman. Someone accidently stumbled across Him in 1988 and took a photograph. The original owner didn’t survive, but the photograph did.


3. There is considerable proof that He did exist. Footprints like these exist in several places where Hanuman braced himself to take any other step towards Sita.


4. The events described in Ramayana happened in Treta Yuga. Mahabharata happened in Dwapar Yuga and led to the advent of Kali Yuga. Yet, Hanuman is present in that age too.

bhima and hanuman

5. However, a few learned, wise people saw him. Sage Madhavarcharya was graced by Lord Hanuman in 13th Century AD.


6. In early 1600s, Lord Hanuman visit Tulasidas and inspired him to write the Hindi Ramayana. Another learned sage saw Lord Hanuman in Kali Yuga.


7. Since then, Ramadas Swami, Raghavendra Swami, Swami Ramdas and Sri Sathya Sai Baba have all been granted darshan of Lord Hanuman.


8. We actually know where he lives at the moment. His place of residence on Gandmadan Mountain near Rameshawaram.



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