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Salman Khan Broke Silence On Tubelight’s Negative Reviews! You Won’t Believe What He Said

Salman Khan Broke Silence On Tubelight’s Negative Reviews

Salman Khan starrer “Tubelight” released yesterday with a grand fanfare; however, the movie is getting mixed reviews and people are a little disappointed too, considering the fact that this film is directed by the director of “Bajrangi Bhaijaan.” The reviews by the critics are also not good but we all know that neither Salman nor his fans…

Shararat Season 2 is Coming & Everyone’s Psyched AF

Shararat Season 2 is Coming

If you grew up in the 90’s, there’s a very little chance that you haven’t heard of this brilliant show called Hip Hip Hurray. 2016 was a hit and miss, but silver lining, Hip Hip Hurray announced its reboot as a web-series. While we were recovering from the joy, they decided to drop another nostalgia…

Here Are The Best Baba Ramdev Photoshops On The Internet

Best Baba Ramdev Photoshops

India’s Rubber-Man Baba Ramdev is widely known for popularizing the yoga culture in India and rest of the world. But it’s a little known fact that he’s also a wee bit responsible for upping the photoshop game of Indians. Remember that iconic India Today’s magazine cover that went viral? it was only after that photoshop…

I Re-imagined Famous Indian TV Show Characters As Trump Cards. Yes, I Am Jobless Like That

Famous Indian TV Show Characters

Yes, I’ve seen all the K-Serial drama as a kid. I know you have watched them too, but you will either not admit to it or blame it on your ma. As a kid I also loved collecting Trump Cards. So, since I want to change the world by proving my creativity, I re-imagined famous characters from…

The Prize Money India Got In The ICC Champions Trophy 2017

The Prize Money India Got In The ICC Champions Trophy 2017

Finally, the ICC Champions Trophy has ended and we all had a great time watching the matches. The final match i.e. the India V/S Pakistan one created lots of controversies but it all ended on a good note. Pakistan deserved to win this match because they were better than India in many aspects. We were…

Poonam Pandey Did It Again, Photo on International Yoga Day Breaking The Internet

Poonam Pandey the hot diva

Yesterday, 21st June was the International Yoga Day. The whole nation celebrated it by practicing different yogsans. Along with common people, celebrities too took the part in this healthy wealthy venture and shared their photos on the social media sites giving us the inspiration to stay fit and healthy on World Yoga Day. Poonam Pandey the hot diva…

Sunil Gavaskar Blasted At Indian Cricket Players For Kumble’s Resignation! He Has A Valid Point & You’ll Agree!

Anil Kumble stepped down as the head coach of Indian team

On Tuesday, Anil Kumble stepped down as the head coach of Indian team and this disappointed many. Media always gave signals about dressing room controversies between him and his players, but his resignation has surely come as a surprise to many. After Anil Kumble’s official statement, things became very clear; people came to know that…

Virat Kohli Abused Kumble In A Meeting 2 Days Before Finals! Read What Happened!

Virat Kohli Abused Kumble

Kumble’s resignation as the head coach has come as a shocker for fans. Media channels and newspapers had already carried enough reports about the difference of opinion between Kumble and Kohli, but no one knew what the exact issue was. A fresh report has surfaced online and it highlights an issue between the captain and…

FB Friend Promised Girl Of Getting A Job & Raped Her When She Met Him In Delhi Mall’s Parking Area

FB Friend Promised Girl Of Getting A Job & Raped Her

The government and police have been reminding people to use social media cautiously again and again. They have also warned individuals to be very careful while meeting someone whom they know through social media sites. Still we get to see such incidents being repeated wherein people have no option but to regret later. One such…