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This Hilarious Struggle Between The Logical And Emotional Part Of A Guy’s Brain During A First Date Is A Must Watch!

We all know the fact that our brain is divided into two parts – Left brain is analytical and logical whereas the right brain is emotional and intuitive. You surely must have encountered situations wherein your right and left brain gets into a conflict but you don’t really know why that happens. No one has…

21 Quotes By Cartoon Network Characters Which Will Give You A Strong Dose Of Nostalgia

Remember the time when watching ‘Cartoon Network’ brought a special kind of joy to our faces? When ‘Scooby-Doo’ was the best detective series on the planet. And ‘Johnny Bravo’ was our favourite womaniser. The name ‘Dexter’ brought to mind the boy genius with a secret lab instead of a blood-stained psychopath. And ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’…

12 Disney Movies That Have Horrifying Origin Stories

Cinderella contained blood and mutilation. Disney In Disney’s version: A princess who was mistreated by her stepmother goes to a ball and meets a prince, but has to escape before midnight and loses a slipper in her haste. Then the prince takes the slipper and has young ladies in the realm try it on to…

HaddhaiBc: Indian WWF !!

Indian WWF match in Parliament between RaGa and NaMo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a strategic lead in parliament this week by defeating Rahul Gandhi with his oratory skills, not to forget his 56 inch chest and mesmerizing makeup. This was no less than a WWF match that we would call an Indian WWF. Here is how Kushal captures the scene of action.