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Employees In This Company Works Without Clothes

Employees In This Company Works Without Clothes

For many who complain approximately formal put on in place of business this might suprise – workers at a publishing space in California  stripped down and labored without any clothes on for a whole month. In a piece of writing which has been grabbing headlines the employees at Daring Italic deep dived into the issue…

Dancer’s super romantic proposal to his girlfriend is totally worth a watch

Dancer's super romantic proposal to his girlfriend

‘When everything doesn’t matter but the one you love’, as beautifully as the dancer puts it, his romantic proposal is giving people major relationship goals. Phil Wright, a choreographer based out of Los Angeles proposed to the love of his life in the cutest way possible and his proposal is going viral. Phil Wright and…

Overqualified for a job? You have higher chances of being under psychological strain

being under psychological strain

Perceived overqualification can be dangerous as it leads to negative emotions and mental strain, leading to overall poor psychological wellbeing. If you are an employee who perceives you are overqualified for your position, chances are you are unsatisfied with your job, uncommitted to your organisation and experience psychological strain, says a study. Perceived overqualification occurs…

Turning Friendship Into Love… Is It A Good Idea?

There’s no debating that to make love last, friendship between the two parties involved is important. A friend is someone you can talk to, have fun with, and feel understood and accepted by. Without these things, a relationship is unlikely to survive. For some people, attraction is the first step, followed by dating and getting…