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Dhinchak Pooja Tortured Everyone With “Scooter Song”! Twitter Insulted Her In The Worst Way!

Dilon ka shooter

Yesterday, Dhinchak Pooja, the internet sensation gave us a headache by launching her new song “Dilon ka shooter”. We had no idea whatsoever as to why she came up with this pathetic song.

A good song consists of good lyrics, good voice and of course, has some meaning attached to it. But sadly, in case of Dhinchak Pooja, everything seems to be missing. Didn’t you rack your brains thinking what the hell she meant by “Dilon ka shooter hai mera shooter?”

The surprising part about her songs is that they become viral as soon as they are launched. God knows what’s so special in them! Her “Selfie” song was still bearable, but what she offered us yesterday was capable of giving us a heart attack.

Even Twitter users have lost their shit when they heard the “Scooter” song. They started pouring in funny reactions on Twitter and we can’t control our laughter on reading them.

Don’t worry about the society!

Someone’s “Don’t worry about the society, be yourself” is the reason why we have people like Dhinchak Pooja today.

After listening to her song!

Expectation v/s reality!

This is hilarious!

Never felt helpless!

Dhinchak Pooja has disabled Dislikes and Comments on her youtube video.
Never felt more helpless.

People are uninstalling YouTube!

Meanwhile People in India Uninstalling YouTube Becoz They Saw ‘s New Song is Trending On YouTube😑

She’s the reason!

Dhinchak Pooja is the reason our parents don’t say.. Do whatever u want to do.

Terrorism has no religion!

Terrorism has no religion.
Look at Jain girl, Dhinchak Pooja killing hundreds mercilessly with ‘Dilon ka Shooter’.

She’s really a pain. Would like to meet her creative team who comes up with such crap. Do you have any message for her? Share with us in our comments section below.




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