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Dhoni’s Wife Sakshi’s Tight Slap To RPS Team Owner’s Brother! Hope He Learns A Lesson Now

Dhoni’s Wife Sakshi’s Tight Slap To RPS Team Owner’s Brother

There is no denying the fact that MS Dhoni is one of the most loved Indian cricketers and his achievements as a captain and player make him totally worthy of it. Dhoni’s wife Sakshi is also like a pillar of support for him, as she has been seen in many of the matches, cheering up her husband and his team.

In fact, she attends almost every match of IPL probably for the same purpose but the tenth season of IPL has been a little down for MSD. Dhoni used to play for Chennai Super Kings as a captain; however, as CSK is banned this year, he is playing for Rising Pune Supergiants and as we all know, the captain of the team is Australian player Steve Smith and not Dhoni.

In their first match against Mumbai Indians, Steve played a superb knock and led his team to victory. After this, Harsh Goenka, brother of the owner of RPS, made a tweet in which he not only praised Steve but also showed disrespect to MSD and said that making Steve captain was a good decision. He tweeted, “Smith proves who’s the king of the jungle. Overshadows Dhoni totally. Captains innings. Great move to appoint him as captain.”

After this, Twitter slammed him mercilessly to such an extent that he not only deleted this tweet but also accepted that Dhoni is a star for everyone.

Here’s his another disgraceful tweet:

As you can see, he mentioned Christian’s name who’s below Dhoni in the chart but he didn’t appreciate Dhoni.

However, Dhoni has been mum on the whole issue but it seems as if his wife is in no mood to spare Harsh Goenka.

She took to Instagram and uploaded a pic of herself in which she is wearing jersey and helmet of CSK; maybe she is trying to tell that she is missing CSK or she is just giving a hint that CSK will be playing next year and everyone knows that Dhoni was like an owner in CSK.

Then she made a tweet which was almost like a reply to Harsh Goenka. Sakshi has posted an image which talks about the Karma on Instagram where people can’t stop praising her wit, saying that this is a great answer to Harsh Goenka.

The pic reads,

“Rules Of Karma

When a bird is alive, it eats ants. When the bird is dead, ants eat the bird. Time and circumstances can change at any time. Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in life. You may be powerful today, but remember, time is more powerful than you. One tree makes a million matchsticks, but only one stick is needed to burn a million trees. So be good and do good.”

Here’s how Dhoni’s fans reacted:

She hasn’t taken anybody’s name but it seems pretty certain that it is targeted towards the owners of RPS.

What do you think of this reply from Sakshi Dhoni? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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