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Google भी डरता है पूनम पांडे से

Poonam Pandey's App

Google Bans Poonam Pandey’s App

Actress Poonam Pandey says her newly launched app, which she promised would have “bold” content, has been banned by Google.

“I don’t know why. I see many adult magazines on Play Store and App Store. It’s interesting that on one hand Google Play Store is suspending the app and on the other some fans are ‘complaining’ that I am not even nude in the photos,” Poonam said. She unveiled the app on Monday.

She also tweeted: “Google has suspended the app but Android users can directly download #ThePoonamPandeyApp from my website.”


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Internet sensation Poonam Pandey, who had made headlines for promising to go topless if the Indian cricket team won the World Cup, launched her app on April 17. Moment after its launch Google has banned the app.


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Earlier, giving a hint about her app, Poonam said “Razr Corp and my agency approached me with the idea of creating an app.”


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“They gave me full creative freedom to create this app exactly the way I wanted it to be. So, of course I accepted the challenge and I am very happy with the final product,” said Poonam Pandey.


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“This is all about me. If you think I am bold, my app is going to be bold as well. I have the full freedom to post anything that I want,” Poonam added.


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She also said, “everyone regardless of their age, can download the app from my website”.


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Poonam Pandey, who is quite popular for posting her steamy photos on social media, hints at a secret project for which she is super excited.


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Poonam Pandey has never shied away from taking controversies by its horns.


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Poonam again grabbed attention when she said “The World Cup controversy has to be my favourite one,” during an interview on her birthday.


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Talking about how the whole idea generated, she told, “I was just sitting with a few friends and this thought came to me, so I put out the message on social media”.


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“I still think it’s the best thing to have happened to me because I got instant fame.”


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“People say you need a godfather to succeed in the glamour industry, but I don’t have one and at 26, I think I’ve done pretty well. Media is my godfather,” she added.


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Poonam was first noticed in 2011, during Cricket world cup, when she offered to go naked if India lifts the world cup. Well, India indeed lifted the world cup but she backed out.


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Poonam Pandey posted this photo of herself on her Instagram account in nothing but a tank top flaunting her body.


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The ‘Nasha’ actress had once insisted that her Twitter pictures and videos are for entertainment purpose and that it doesn’t mean that people can take her for granted.


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Poonam Pandey even released a video of her a la Baywatch, trying to give Priyanka Chopra a run for her money.

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