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HaddhaiBC : Ultimate List of Rahul Gandhi Funny Memes on the Internet

Who is Pappu in India

Rahul Gandhi has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Despite his best intentions, Rahul Gandhi has literally become the punch line of many jokes. There are RaGa memes, videos and tweets doing rounds on various social media platforms.

He is an endless supply of Chota Bheem jokes and has been called everything from Pappu to Shahzada. Love him or hate him, there is no stopping this 46-year-old youth icon from giving us all a good laugh. Whatever said and done, Pappu managed to grab the attention and interest of the youth of our nation with his unintentionally comical speeches.

The intellect of the Vice president of INC (Indian National Congress) has been trolled over the internet again and again. Born in the famed Gandhi family, Rahul seems to have not inherited (or maybe misplaced) the genes he should have had to be politically correct!

Proudly labeled as the “Pappu” of the Indian politics, Rahul actually has a brighter future. Don’t agree with me? Well, I am definitely not saying politics; he actually has the best career prospects in the comedy industry. For every time that he speaks up the internet goes viral!

We’ve put together a list of some of the most hilarious Rahul Gandhi funny memes on the web.


Bata Na Dost….

Paidashi Murkh Ho….

Ya Koi course kiya hai….

Rahul wants to play game in parliament

Rahul (Pappu) wants to play game in parliament

pappu is the waste of india

This is wrong. We should not say that

#Pappu is the waste of India

 Aur Fir Naa…..

Dragon Balls Me Se Dinosaur Nikla Itna Bada

Pikachu Ki Kasam

Me Roj Meggi Ki Jagah Poha Khata Hoon….

Pikachu Ki Kasam

Ache Din Ache Din

Ache Din Ache Din!

Ghanta Aaye Ye Ache Din!

Boomer Ke Saath Abhi Bhi Free Nahi Milte Tazzo

Remember This Example

Don’t Force Your Child Into a  Profession Against His Interests…


Mummy Sadfi Key side Effect Dekhne Chale

Mummy, Shaadi Ke Side Effects Dekhne Chale….

Nahi Beta Tu Hi Dekh, Maine Toh Usi Din Dekh Liya Tha, Jis Din Tu Paida Hua

Oh Shit Isko Bournvita Pilana Phir Bhool Gayi

Oh Shit…..!

Isko Bournvita Pilana Fir Se Bhool Gayi….

Rahul Gandhi Funny Meme

Mai Youth Ke Saath Hu….

Lekin Youth Tere Saath Nahi Hai Pappu

Tumhare Lachan Bilkul Thik Nhi Lag Rhe

Beta Tum Se Na Ho Payega,

Humein Tumhare Lacchan Bilkul Theek Nahin Lag Rahe Hain


He Is An Expert Without Knowledge


Shaktiman and Dr. Jackal

Fir Shaktimaan Itna Bada Ho Gya Aur Dr Jackal Ko Maar Dia

Memes, , and Gandhi: CONGRATS RAHUL GANDHI on being proposed for SINNE RECORD HOLDER KD REC for losing 27 elections SAY Proud moment for Sonia ji

Proud Moment For Sonia Ji 😂😂

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