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10 Cute Little Things All Happy Couples Do Right *After* Sex!

Happy Couples

Sex is an important part of every happy couple’s life. Though they care about the things they do during sex, there are two other things they focus on – foreplay and afterplay. Since we’ve written much about foreplay, today we tell you sweet things couples do after sex to keep the warm fuzzy feeling alive!…

To The Woman Who Is Deeply In Love With The Wrong Guy

Hey there, While writing this to you, I wasn’t even sure whether I should or not, because you seem to be living in a world far away from the reality and it’s hard to make people understand anything once they are there. Isn’t it? I am sure even your friends have given up on you…

Turning Friendship Into Love… Is It A Good Idea?

There’s no debating that to make love last, friendship between the two parties involved is important. A friend is someone you can talk to, have fun with, and feel understood and accepted by. Without these things, a relationship is unlikely to survive. For some people, attraction is the first step, followed by dating and getting…