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Porn stars reveal their pre-porn jobs read for more

Pornstar World

Jesse Jane You will think this is a joke, but we promise it’s true. Her first job was at Hooters. Charley Chase Charley used to work for a bakery in Kentucky- she made $8 and hour. Lisa Ann One of the most famous milfs alive used to be a hostess at a diner in Easton,…

Sunny Leone Says There’s More Sexism In Bollywood Than In Porn

Sunny Leone is one of the 100 Most Influential Women according to BBC. And her being part of the list is A+ news because she is an all-round amazing human being who should be everyone’s role model. She is a stunning businesswoman, a successful Bollywood actor, and a conscientious animal lover. But because of her…

The Controversy Queens of Bollywood

In showbiz being controversial seems to be the easiest way to make it to the top slot on popularity metronome. So here we bring for you some of the most controversial babes of showbiz have a look. Sunny  Leone Ragini MMS 2’s shower scene between Sunny and Sandhya Mridul caused a lot of hue and…