A scientific miracle that is happening for the first time in 35 years.

Eclipses… something that the millennials have been fascinated by for years. We, educated citizens of the twenty-first century are still not clear about how and what eclipses are about, imagine how scary it would have been for people, 2000 years back?

You peep out your window and see the Sun or the Moon in the sky being covered by something; scary isn’t it?

Scary enough that people have come up with strange stories to justify this beautiful scientific miracle.
Why am I talking about this? Scroll on…

Today evening, January 31, India will witness a dance of shadows, a rare lunar trifecta.

Super Blue Blood Moon
Super Blue Blood Moon

For the first time in 30 years, we shall witness a total lunar eclipse, supermoon and blue moon.

A total lunar eclipse is when the full moon passes through Earth’s shadow. As it enters the depths of Earth’s shadow, we shall see the moon turn deep red, thanks to the Earth’s atmosphere interacting with the Sun’s light. This type of eclipse is also known as a blood moon, which isn’t blue, just by the way. In the end, comes the supermoon. When the Moon will be closest to Earth as it orbits around us.

Well, that was the scientific part, here is how we look at it…

In times when social media is flooded with fake news, we as twenty-first century Indians, don’t act responsible but add more to it. Here are some safeguarding measures that astrologers have asked all of us to take, in tandem with Super Blue Blood Moon.

Avoid driving any sort of vehicle, and riding a horse or any animal.

Avoid touching pillow covers, windows, doors, etc during the eclipse. And if you do, wash the same after the eclipse.

Negative energy might enter your aura during the eclipse, so take a salt water bath after it is over.

This one is for pregnant ladies. Do not eat when the eclipse lasts or use any sharp objects. Also avoid stepping out of the house.

Another one for pregnant women: Take full rest and keep a full coconut beside you to protect the babies from the harsh energies. The coconut can be discarded later.

Avoid using the washroom unless it’s necessary.

Just so you know, all the above superstitions are bull shit.

According to NASA’s eclipse website, “Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are completely safe to watch. You don’t need any kind of protective filters. It isn’t even necessary to use a telescope. You can watch the lunar eclipse with nothing more than your own two eyes.”

All the above rumours and beliefs are just a result of lack of awareness. So enjoy this rare site from 5.20 pm to 7.25 pm, if you are going to be at work, like me, you can watch it here

As Tata Motors says, no dream is beyond reach.

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