Ranveer Singh may have shaved his signature beard and cropped off his long-ass hair but has retained every bit of the quirk they symbolised. He is definitely back on the quirky style express and we can already feel that the ride is going to be a crazy one. First Stop? His latest rapper avatar with an outrageously unique pair of Barbie-Pink trainers!

Ranveer Singh

This really was a sudden jolt to the good-boy image he has been sporting of late, and guess what – he has chosen to wear the PERFECT T-shirt for the occasion. It reads “Welcome to the scene of the crash”. Too cool for life, Ranveer.

PERFECT T-shirt for the occasion

Coming to his overall look, we don’t know anyone else who can carry it off with such casual nonchalance. But then, that’s true for most of his avatars, isn’t it? The wicked slogan T-shirt along with the distressed jeans is a combination we absolutely love.

Welcome to the scene of the crash

Let’s talk about the star of the outfit now, *drumroll*, the fabulous pair of Barbie Pink shoes. They are pink. And not just any shade of pink, a bright happy shade of Barbie-meets-cute-little-baby-girl-with-pigtails pink. Add to that, those outlandish pink glasses with the crazy frames from the future. AND a bright yellow hairband. Wow. He not only is wearing them, he is making all of it look macho AF! How do you do it, Baba? Teach us!

Zoya's film 'Gully Boy'

He was spotted outside Zoya Akhtar’s house, so we can guess what that outfit was about. We all know how he took method acting to a whole new level for his role as Allauddin Khilji in ‘Padmavat’ (Yes, we know it hasn’t released yet but have you seen the trailer? Damn!). We believe he is doing the same all over again, but this time for Zoya’s film ‘Gully Boy’. The film is about the yet-to-be explored underground rapping scene in Mumbai. Ranveer has been regularly spotted with Rappers of late. Clearly, he wants to get into the character fully and he is doing the best he can. Does he need to, though? Hasn’t he always given us the badass, devil-may-care vibe associated with rappers anyway?

Moral of the story? Ranveer Singh is now a badass rapper who wears Barbie Pink shoes that only the brave should take a sartorial stab at.


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