Pinky Lalwani is a former air-hostess of Kingfisher Airlines.

The Kingfisher scion, Vijay Mallya has left no stone unturned in surprising us with his deeds. Off late, this former Indian business tycoon pops up on our television screen every once in a while and then vanishes till he does something work making headlines. Not to mention, Vijay’s personal life is another tale of twists and turns.

Mallya has married twice in the past and broken both his marriages for reasons best known to him. But, recently he made headlines once again for reportedly planning to marry for the third time.

Come, let’s read about it in detail.

Vijay Mallya’s soon-to-be wife

The girl in question is Pinky Lalwani, who Mallya has been dating for past three years. According to reports, Pinky was by Mallya’s side when he announced bankruptcy.

Is Pinky his dream girl?

Pinky has been reported to have eloped with Mallya to London on March 2, 2016 and have been living together. They recently celebrated their third anniversary.

Pinky is often seen in courts with Mallya in London too.

Pinky is often spotted with Mallya during his court hearings in London too.

Pinky’s career so far, is her profession a coincidence?

Pinky was a flight attendant with Kingfisher Airlines which is when she became friends with Vijay. She was also seen in an ad-campaign by Kingfisher. Here I would like to mention the fact that Vijay’s former wife, Sameera Tyabjee, was also an air-hostess.

Vijay’s first wife

In 1986, Mallya met Sameera Tyabjee, an air-hostess with Air India. After marriage, the couple had a son Siddharth Mallya, who was born on May 7, 1987. Although they separated soon, Mallya describes his marriage with Sameera as a ‘great relationship’.

Vijay’s second wife

In 1993, Vijay came to know about his childhood love Rekha had separated from her husband Pratap Chettiappa. She then got married to Shahid Mahmood with whom she had two children. She eventually married Vijay Mallya with whom she has two daughters, Leanna and Tanya. It is believed that Rekha always prefers keeping things private.

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