Ram Gopal Varma is one of the very few Indian directors who push the boundaries much beyond Indian sensibilities. Once upon a time, he was seen as the most visionary director in Bollywood, having made some amazing movies like Shiva, Raat, Rangeela, Satya, Jungle, Kaun and Company. However, his fervent obsession with the female anatomy working with his ardent devotion to Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan led to a decline in the quality of the movies he made, which affected his Bollywood career. He found some decent success in Telugu cinema, but has not let go of his obsession for the female form which was quite evident in his short movies, his Icecream series and the trailer of his upcoming web-series, Gun & Things.

Now he has gone ahead and made something with porn star Mia Malkova. We have seen the stunningly erotic posters of this ‘something’ where the actress posed in her birthday suit. And now we have the trailer for this something. The reason we keep saying referring this as ‘something’ is because we have no clue what RGV is trying to make here, going by the trailer. Is it a short movie? Is it a documentary? Is it a discourse on sex? Or simply, a BTS shot of a woman in various erotic poses and taking breaks to spout philosophy at the camera? We have no clue as to what the intention of the director is going by the trailer, as Mia goes on to make love to herself in various poses. To top it all, he again displays his new found obsession (which we had earlier seen in Guns & Thighs trailer) of adding quotes of celebs like Woody Allen,

Here’s the trailer, and you can make your assumptions. By the way, RGV even dragged the underrated music composer MM Kreem (Paheli, Criminal, Sur) in this ‘something’ too,

After revealing the above trailer, RGV also posted his thoughts on why he made this ‘something’ on Facebook. Summing up the entire post where he went on pour praises upon praises on Malkova, he said this in the last para “The philosophy behind GOD, SEX and TRUTH intends to destroy hypocrisy, Social stigmas and all religious dogmas with the extreme power of a beautiful woman’s reasoning mind in order to create a new sexual world ..To sum up in one single sentence,Sex will not be the same after you see Mia Malkova in GOD, SEX, and TRUTH! (sic)”

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