With the historic women’s Royal Rumble match just on the verge, it is likely that WWE will hype-up to the biggest extent, on the next week’s edition of WWE Raw.

As we all know, it will be the auspicious occasion where the flagship show will celebrate the 25th anniversary. Previously, big names have been already confirmed to appear on the show. Recently, more names from the women’s division were announced to join.

Previously, the updates from WWE confirmed that the Bella Twins would resurface on WWE Raw after almost two and a half year. Both of them have become more of a reality TV star and less of a WWE star, these days. However, they will be back onboard just on the verge of the Royal Rumble match and likely to announce their participation.

Apart from that, WWE has now confirmed a WWE Hall of Famer, former champions and some famous names from the women’s division. Jacqueline who is already a Hall of Famer was announced to grace the show.

In addition, two former champions, i.e. Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool will also be appearing on WWE Raw. Apart from these names, there will some more names who have been major attractions back in their hey-day will also come back to the show. They are Maria Kanellis, Torrie Wilson, Terry Runnels. These three have never been up to the level of becoming champions.

However, if you are a fan of the WWE products from the last decade, you should know them better for the oomph factor.

With these much names resurfacing just before the women’s Royal Rumble match is an indication that WWE will like to fill up the prestigious battle royal with them. Till date, 16 women have been finalised to appear in this match, whereas, Paige has been sidelined. As per the confirmations from WWE, one of the strongest contenders to win the match will not be able to compete.

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So, it is evident that the company heads will need help from the former names while presenting 30 women in this match. However, it will also allow the past superstars to taste how it feels to be a part of the Women’s Evolution in the WWE which is quite different from their time.

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